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Taro/Miyako Work 被災地支援

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Three of us from Denen Grace Chapel joined others from Ooyama Christ Church and local staff for three days of relief work in Miyako and Taro in Iwate prefecture (9/17~9/19). We worked under the ministry of Miyako Community Church and the 311 Network.

Once again, our focus was providing "mobile cafes" in the temporary housing areas. There are 69 locations of temporary housing with thousands still living in these places. We visited two locations during our time there.

When we arrived at the temporary housing location, we set up our cafe in the community room. Then, going door to door, we invited the residents to come and distributed some snacks or small gifts. We prepared a light meal that was waiting for them in the cafe: sandwiches, corn and potatoes. We served ice coffee and, as a special treat, shaved ice. When we weren't serving, we sat with the residents and listened and chatted with them.

We had a bit of a music program as well. This time we were joined by a talented harpist from Britain, who performed several folk songs as residents sang along. We also led them in some familiar hymns: "Amazing Grace" and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."

Many of the residents really enjoyed this time of eating, talking and singing together. Their circumstances continue to be a challenge to them, but we pray that we were able to demonstrate the love of Christ.
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