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The Ray Who "Goes" 行って仕えるレイさん

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そして体調が悪く、声も出ない中にあっても、11時からの礼拝で特別賛美、その後、短時間のゴスペル講習をして、午後3時からのGrace CAFEでも賛美と証の奉仕をしてくださいました。それは神様だけにご栄光を帰するために歌われた、すばらしい彼の信仰による真の賛美でした。


"I didn't come to Japan to sing gospel." Ray Sidney says. We found out that was true this past Sunday. It was a joy to welcome Ray as a special guest singer. But we were sorry that he was suffering from a bad head cold and had nearly lost his voice.

Ray added, "If I came only to sing, then what should I do at times like this? I came to obey God who told me 'go and serve.'"

In spite of his cold, Ray sang a number of songs for both our 11am Morning Service and 3pm English CAFE. He also gave us a taste of a gospel workshop with a 20-minute mini workshop after the service.

Thanks, Ray, in spite of your physical limitations for coming to minister to us!
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