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Charity Concert 竹下静さん、チャリティーコンサート

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We had a charity concert for the Tohoku victims this past Sunday, November 20. Our special musician guest was Shizu Takeshita. The Takeshitas have been a part of our church fabric and ministry from the early days (2003) of the church. We regard them as our own church family.

Chikara Takeshita shared a great message in the morning service about Nehemiah's rebuilding of the Jerusalem walls, building parallels with the challenge that Japan faces as it rebuilds Tohoku, and we face as believers as we recover from personal catastrophes in life.

In the afternoon, Shizu shared her music and voice talent with us. Shizu is an accomplished singer and songwriter. She shared a number of well known hymns, and many original pieces. Her voice and words brought us great healing and comfort from God. Chikara also shared briefly between songs of their volunteer work as a couple in the Tohoku affected areas with small local churches. We sensed the need to continue to pray and support the work of many volunteers, and also were challenged to go again ourselves.

The proceeds from the concert CD sales and freewill offering to toward the relief effort in Tohoku through the Takeshitas in the name of Denen Grace Chapel and our Lord Jesus.
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