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Fall Outdoor Service 野外礼拝2011

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Denen Grace people gathered for our fall outdoor service this past Sunday at Kinuta Park in Setagaya. Of course the key to a great outdoor service is great weather. Every year around the beginning of October we start to watch the weather forecasts to see what is in store. This year's forecast called for rain from Friday through late Saturday, which put Sunday in questionable territory. But God is good. He blew the Saturday night clouds, wind and rain out of the area ahead of schedule.

Sunday morning Kevin and another church member came to Kinuta Park to check the ground. It was damp from the previous night's rainfall, but not too soggy. The sky was still overcast. But with the forecast calling for a return of sunshine by 10am, we went ahead with our plans for the day. By the time people gathered for our service, the sun had come out and dried up the remaining wetness. We sang worship songs and listened to John Houlette's short message under a clear, blue sky with a gentle breeze. Perfect fall weather!

Branch and Clay small groups came up with some really fun games. The gestures game had us all laughing hard at each other's clues to Bible stories and objects. It's always a fun time of togetherness for our church people.

Thanks, God, for taking care of the weather concerns and giving us a good day together as a church family in your creation.
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