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Summer Family Concert ファミリーコンサート

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コンサートの後は、みんなでかき氷大会!これまた、子どもから大人までみんな一緒に、さまざまな味のかき氷を楽しみました。8月としては一番気温の低い日曜日でしたが、糀ホール地下集会室は熱気むんむんで、つめた〜いかき氷を何度もおかわりするほど。楽しい楽しいファミリーコンサートでした。すてきな時を与えてくださった神様に感謝!今回来れなかった皆様、次回はぜひいらしてくださいね ♪  
For this year's summer concert we invited Narumiya-san to share his saxophone talent with us. It was a lot of fun to hear the variety of saxophones he used, each with its own distinctive sound. He surprised us by sustaining a single note for a couple minutes. Psalm 150:6 encourages, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." I'm not sure how one has breath for that kind of praise, but God surely has blessed this man with great ability. The kids really enjoyed the concert, too, sneaking up repeatedly to the front row to get a better view of things. After the concert we enjoy a summer treat: shaved ice, of course, in four flavors. Ironically, it was the chilliest day in an otherwise hot, hot August. Those hand crank machines really got a workout. Everyone went home with tongues of different color. Thanks everyone for a great afternoon!
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