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Twice Mine 君は僕のもの

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Our relationship with our Father God is like the story of a boy who spent many days making himself a sailboat. When the boat was finished, he took it down to the stream to see if it would sail. Proudly he walked along the river bank as his little craft glided erect on the rippling waters – its white sail curved in the summer breeze. But to his distress the ship soon headed out into the middle of the stream, too far for him to reach. Further and further it sailed until gradually it disappeared from sight. It was a heartbroken lad who returned home that evening.

Weeks later he saw his sailboat in a pawnshop window, the very boat which he had made and rigged and painted with such meticulous care! He asked the operator of the pawnshop if he could have the boat back, but his heart sank when the man replied: “Only if you pay the price that is marked on its tag.”

For weeks the lad worked to earn the price of the boat. Finally, with money in hand he returned to the shop, placed the money on the counter, and said, “Please, Sir, I'd like to have my boat.” As he left the store with the boat in hand, he looked at it with the feeling of pride, joy, and affection which little boys lavish on the creations of their own hands, and said: “You're mine, little boat, mine twice-over. Once because I made you. Twice because I bought you.”

Like most analogies go, the story is imperfect – but the way that little boy felt about his boat is similar to the way God feels about you and me. The Bible tells us: “It is He who made us, and we are His” (Ps.100:3). It tells us further: “You were bought with a price” (1Co.6:20). And it even tells us the price that was paid to buy us back: “You were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ” (1Pt.1:19). It is as if He says to us much like the boy said to his boat: “You are mine, little one. You're mine twice over. Once because I made you; twice because I bought you.”
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