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The Skippers Visit スキッパーご夫妻の来会

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Dave and Heidi (& Kira) Skipper, Japan Baptist Fellowship missionaries, visited with us this past Sunday 9/11. Heidi is an accomplished violinist and accompanied Kaori Laverman during our morning service. The duet of piano and violin contributed greatly to the beauty and depth of our worship time. We were also blessed by the special number she play, a Bach Partita. Heidi is also helping get kids gospel music choirs started together with help from Ken Taylor.

After the service Dave introduced his own music talent. Electronic and digital sounds put together for a genre known as "noise". His music ability is a strong counterpart to Heidi's classic style, but none the less amazing in its own richness and emotional movement. He is playing in a number of venues in Tokyo.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the Skippers' work in Japan, drop them an email sometime here.
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